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At the Santa Rosa office of Dr. Landeros & Associates, we try to educate and inform patients about their choices, because our priority is you! Our goal is for each person who walks through our door to receive the same treatment we want for ourselves. Based on your priorities, Dr. Landeros or Bonin will advise on the best course of treatment for you and how to maintain your beautiful smile and good health.

When our doctors sit down with a patient and consult with them on their needs, they are not just thinking about the patient's teeth and how they can be “fixed”. Rather, they are paying careful attention to the patient's lifestyle needs, goals and dreams. Indeed, that’s why discussions with  patients always start with questions like…

How do you feel about yourself, your appearance and your smile?

What do you want to feel when you are smiling?

How would you like others to perceive you?

As you can see, their questions don’t just focus on specific dental treatment options or specific problems that patients want to solve, that comes later. What’s more important is for them to identify the patient’s hidden potential, and then use their trained eye, knowledge and the best tools and technologies that modern dentistry has to offer to release that potential. Truly, for doctors Landeros and Bonin, their job is never just about “fixing teeth”, it’s about taking smiles and lives to a brighter place, and treating the hearts and minds of the valued patients.

It goes without saying that modern dentistry and a skilled dentist with advanced equipment can do what would have been considered impossible a century ago. It’s something that doctors Landeros and Bonin have the joy of seeing and experiencing every day of their practice. However, there are still many out there who aren’t familiar with the wonders of modern dentistry, and aren’t aware of how it can release their potential to live a happier, brighter, more successful life.

Your Smile Reveals More than Your Teeth!

A person’s smile is connected to their heart – it’s not just about teeth and gums. It also shows how a beautiful smile consists of many individual elements coming together in a harmonious way. And of course, it’s also a story of how patients can connect with a modern dentist to realize, unleash and express their unfulfilled potential.

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