Finding a Cosmetic Dentist, Santa Rosa CA

This article should help you find a cosmetic dentist in Santa Rosa CA, which to many is a process that has some fear attached to it. Phrases such as "extraction", "implants" and the thought of a "drill" and such can make a person nervous about the field of dentistry in general. Dr Josh Hammer and Scott Bonin of Hammer and Bonin cosmetic and family dentistry, want to make you feel at ease with the area of cosmetic dentistry so that when you think of a cosmetic dentist  Santa Rosa CA, you'll be happy to call them!

If you have stained, broken, missing or uneven teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. Cosmetic dentistry is different from orthodontics which can straighten your teeth with braces or other devices. And now there is invisalign which makes the process of teeth straightening available to more people.

Procedures used at cosmetic dentist, Santa Rosa CA, Hammer and Bonin. (Visit Here)

Some cosmetic dental procedures that can be done at Hammer and Bonin cosmetic dentist, Santa Rosa CA......

Bleaching to make teeth whiter

Repairing chips or rough spots with materials that match your teeth

Filling cavities with tooth-colored substances

Reshaping teeth that don't match the rest of the teeth.

Closing gaps and spaces between teeth

Covering broken teeth with porcelain crowns and veneers

Really these procedures are nothing to fear. Hammer and Bonin welcome patients to come and sit with them and they can explain how these procedures can be done safely and without adverse pain or long term recovery. It is worth noting that many generations have not had these choices offered to them and we are fortunate to have these choices now. And Hammer and Bonin cosmetic and family dentistry, even has financing so that you do not always have to come up with the funds all at once. Some procedures can be financed with no interest rate financing. When you think about it, many people spend ten thousand dollars or twenty thousand dollars or more on  a car, and for a home it is often hundreds of thousands of dollars. Isn't the vehicle of your own body worth fine tuning and upgrading ? The cosmetic dentist , Santa Rosa CA dentist Hammer and Bonin is here to help guide you through the whole process of consideration, planning and performing the actual procedure. Call them today and start enjoying your new smile and all that goes with that-more confidence, more influence and getting more out of life!!

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