New Dentistry Procedure: Invisalign in Santa Rosa with Hammer and Bonin

Invisalign has replaced the use of the traditional wire and bracket braces for the straightening of teeth in many thousands of cases. In  1999, Invisalign was introduced in the US and is now one of the most advanced techniques of dental care that is widely available. The whole world is gradually realizing the benefits of Invisalign as compared to the traditional wire and bracket braces that many of us grew up knowing.

The “aligners” of Invisalign are transparent and difficult to spot by anyone. They are made from clear plastic aligners that are less than one millimeter thick. Invisalign can be removed while eating, brushing and drinking. If you want to get Invisalign in Santa Rosa CA, Hammer and Bonin is the right place to go.

Santa Rosa dentists Hammer and Bonin have had experience in the procedures of Invisalign with many patients. Invisalign has become quite popular among all ages because it has been shown to work with people in their teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond. The reason behind its popularity is its easy use and its look. Having properties of clear plastic, it becomes almost impossible for others to distinguish who is wearing invisalign and who is not.

Getting Invisalign in Santa Rosa with Hammer and Bonin is a smart decision as they are skilled and experienced dentists not only with configuring Invisalign in the mouth of the patients, but they also advise the patients how they can best make use of Invisalign as the process proceeds in straightening out the teeth.

As compared to braces and wires, Invisalign can take just six months to straighten the teeth. After this, a follow up takes place, also called retention period. This ensures that the new position of the teeth is maintained and they don’t shift back. Having a meal with Invisalign on can be a little problematic, but you can always remove them, eat normally and then re-install Invisalign after eating. With Invisalign, many people with uneven teeth have received benefits. So contact Hammer and Bonin in Santa Rosa today for more details on getting Invisalign in Santa Rosa CA.

The technology advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made it easier for people to go through any dental procedure without enduring much pain or strife. If you are afraid of visiting dentists then you should come to Hammer and Bonin in Santa Rosa where they make sure that the patients get the best treatment at a reasonable rate. Although Invisalign is a new concept, you can achieve this dental procedure at an affordable price.